Lafase® HE Grand Cru (Various Sizes)

Pectolytic enzyme preparation, purified of cinnamoyl esterase and anthocyanase for the production of full-bodied red wines rich in coloring matter and structured tannins.
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Lafase® HE Grand Cru - 100 g Tin
Lafase® HE Grand Cru - 500 g Tin
Lafase® HE Grand Cru - 5 kg Bag

Purified pectolytic enzyme preparation for the production of full bodied red wines that are rich in colouring matter and structured tannins, destined for aging.

• Allows a strong selective extraction of rhamnogalacturonan type II (components of the skin and pulp), favoring a better stability of coloring matter and the coating of tannins.

• Allows a better stability of color over time (anthocyanase purification).

• Limits the formation of ethyl phenol precursors during a potential Brettanomyces contamination by purification of cinnamoyl esterase.

• Aids wine clarification.

• Allows the production of structured red wines, rich in color and polymerized tannins, with good mouthfeel.

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