Charbon Actif Plus GR (Various Sizes)

Granulated carbon for the decolorization of white and rosé juice and wine.
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Charbon Actif Plus GR - 5 kg Bag

CHARBON ACTIF PLUS GR is an enological activated carbon of vegetal origin produced in a granulated form.

  • A large surface area (1800 m2/g) allows for superior decolorising.
  • Strong decolorization power on juice and white wines
  • Decreases the phenolic compound content responsible for the browning of white wine.


• On must: 10 to 100 g/hL (100 to 1000 ppm) depending on desired decolourisation. EU regulation: Maximum legal dosage: 100 g/hL (1000 ppm). The implementation of activated carbon is under regulation please refer to the legislation in force. Add to must, fermenting juice and white wine.

USA Regulation 27 CFR 24.246

To remove color from wine and/or juice from which wine is produced: the amount used to treat the wine, including the juice from which the wine was produced, must not exceed 25 pounds per 1000 gallons (3 g/L).

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