Tanspark® - 1 L Bottle (1 kg)

Gallic and chestnut tannins put to solution for the production of sparkling wines during tirage.
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TANSPARK® is the result of gallic and chestnut tannins put to solution for the aging of sparkling wines.

• Protects the structural and organoleptic potential of base wine before the “prise de mousse” (second fermentation).

• Participates, in association with the riddling agent CLEANSPARK®, in the formation of compact sediment ensuring optimal riddling.

• Contributes to a light fining without bringing any astringency to the wine.

• Preserves redox potential and improves aging on lees.


• 20 - 60 mL/hL

USA Regulation 27 CFR 24.246 Specific TTB Limitation

The residual amount of tannin, calculated in GAE, must not exceed 6.4 GAE per 1000 gallons of wine (800 mg/L) in white wine and 24 pounds per 1000 gallons (3 g/L) in red wine.

Total tannin must not be increased by more than 150 ppm (150 mg/L; 0.150 g/L) by the addition of tannic acid (poly-galloylglucose).