Quertanin® Choc' - 500 g Bag

QUERTANIN® CHOC is a preparation of stave oak heartwood quality ellagic tannins and gallic tannins, using LAFFORT’s Instant Dissolving Process (IDP). For post-vinification use in red, rosé and white wines.
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QUERTANIN® CHOC’ is a preparation of ellagic and gallic tannins that:

• Enhances wine structure and palate length.

• Regulates oxidation-reduction phenomena during maturation in barrels or during micro-oxygenation.

• Creates an environment rich in ellagic tannins in used barrels, similar to that of new barrels.

• Improves clarification.

After the addition, it is recommended to carry out normal rackings until fining or bottling preparation.


It is specified in the Oenological Codex that tannins “must not change the olfactory properties and the colour of wine”. The dosage rates will therefore vary in function of the wine matrix, and shall be determined after trials.

• Preservation of aromatic freshness in white and rosé wines: 2 - 5 g/hL (20 - 50 ppm).

• Red wine maturation: 5 - 10 g/hL (50 - 100 ppm).

USA Regulation 27 CFR 24.246 Specific TTB Limitation

The residual amount of tannin, calculated in GAE, must not exceed 6.4 GAE per 1000 gallons of wine (800 mg/L) in white wine and 24 pounds per 1000 gallons (3 g/L) in red wine.

Total tannin must not be increased by more than 150 ppm (150 mg/L; 0.150 g/L) by the addition of tannic acid (poly-galloylglucose).

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