Oenogom® Instant - 2.5 kg Bag

Pure Arabic gum in instantly dissolving powdered form with high physical-chemical purity. Can be used directly with no subsequent filtration.
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From the best selections of Acacia Seyal Arabic gums, the composition and high content of non-fermentable polysaccharides, Oenogom® Instant contributes towards:

  • Stabilization of colouring matter in young red wines.
  • Colloidal protection by effectively opposing the aggregation of amorphous hydrophobic colloids resulting from physicochemical transformations (iron casse, copper casse, ...)
  • Stabilization regarding tartaric precipitations
  • Wine smoothness by "coating" the more aggressive tannins
  • Can be used with no subsequent filtration  C
  • Contains no additives or preservatives (SO2 free).


• 20 - 100 g/hL (200 - 1000 ppm).

USA Regulation 27 CFR 24.246 Specific TTB Limitation: 15.85 lb/1,000gal (1,900ppm)

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