Lysozym - 1 kg Bag

Enzyme with endo-glucosidase activity extracted from egg whites. Degrades gram(+) bacterial cell including Oenococcus, Lactobacillus and Pediococcus.
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For microbial mangement of all wines.

Enzyme with endo-glucosidase activity extrated from hen egg white.

LYSOZYM can be used:

• Preventively in the case of musts with high pH and low total acidity, which are conditions that promote the development of lactic acid bacteria.

• To delay or slow down MLF.


Minimum contact time is dependent on the temperature of the wine, the tannin and colloid content and also the dosage used, with a minimum of 2 days. Early addition (at the end of AF) is recommended for optimal effect.

•Whites: 25 to 50 g/hL (250 - 500 ppm) for partial or total MLF inhibition respectively.

•Reds: 10 to 15 g/hL (100 - 150 ppm) to avoid premature MLF; 20 to 30 g/hL (200 - 300 ppm) for improved microbiological stabilisation following MLF.

•Reds and whites: 20 to 30 g/hL (200 - 300 ppm) to limit the development of lactic acid bacteria in the case of stuck or sluggish fermentation (risk of lactic spoilage). In the case of inoculation with LACTOENOS® bacteria, in order to suppress residual LYSOZYM activity, the bacteria should be added after: • racking the wine to eliminate lees (for red wines). • bentonite fining, (for white wines). EU regulation: Maximum dosage EU: 50 g/hL (500 ppm).

USA Regulation 27 CFR 24.246 Specific TTB Limitation: 4.17 lb/1,000gal (500ppm)

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