Lafazym® Extract - 250 g Tin

Pectolytic enzyme preparation, purified of cinnamoyl esterase, for skin contact during white wine pressing to extract aroma precursors and varietal aromas for the production of fruity white wines.
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Pectolytic enzyme preparation purified of cinnamoyl esterase, specifically for skin contact during white and rosé wine vinification.

Developed for extracting aroma precursors and varietal aromas for the production of highly aromatic, fruity white and rosé wines.

• Improves extraction of varietal aromas and aroma precursors from skin and pulp.

• Reduces skin contact time (optimization of production costs).

• Optimizes subsequent operations: pressing, must settling, filtration.

• Eases wine clarification.


Alter the dosage in relation to the grape quality (and thickness), maturity and to the state of sanitation of the grapes.

• White: 2 to 3 g/100 kg of grapes.

For infected grapes it is strongly advised not to do skin contact due to the risk of extracting Botrytis laccase, which is highly damaging to dry white wine aromas.

USA Regulation 27 CFR 24.246 No Specific TTB Limitation

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