Geosorb® GR - 5 kg Bag

Activated carbon for the treatment of juice and wine during fermentation to reduce geosmine and octenone content. Effective on smoke taint reduction.
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GEOSORB® GR is an enological carbon from vegetal origin.

It is characterized by a specific porosity that allows the selective adsorption of geosmin and octenone.

  • GEOSORB® GR corrects the organoleptic character of wines from musts altered by fungi (rot or mildew).
  • Effective on smoke taint reduction.


• Action on geosmin: 15 to 25 g/hL (150 to 250 ppm).

• Action on octenone: 35 to 45 g/hL (350 to 450 ppm). EU regulations limit the use of activated carbon to 100 g/hL (1000 ppm).

Please refer to your oenologist. Regulatory aspects: The use of active carbon in oenology is no longer subject to authorisation but is still under regulations. Check your local legislation in force

USA Regulation: No limitation to clarify and purify wine.

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